a change in direction (a slight look back to the start of august)

Hostels are the best. Not only are they cheaper than hotels (usually), they also turn up in places that no developer would dare build a hotel without a turn over of the neighborhood. I am not trying to insinuate that this place was ugly or rundown (ok, maybe a bit rundown), but it is located next to a long strip of car garages. There was broken auto glass on the ground but this didn’t stop people from walking barefoot though.

Sophie and I, by her genius, found this place, for our last night together in Israel. After a problematic time at a hostel in Jerusalem we had only stayed with airbnb, which had worked out great. But by the time we arrived back to Tel Aviv we decided it would be easiest to book a hostel. I was a little apprehensive about staying in hostels but this place was not only had pictures of its many hang out spots, it also had fabulous rooftop hangout complete with bar and dragon.

We had a great night on the roof, a brief foray into the streets and many varied conversations with people from all over: Australia, Germany, Macedonia, Poland, France, Spain, Russia and probably a few more that I cannot remember at the moment, I am sorry! It was a great, if exhausting last night.

This is when things went off track. Somehow, during the confusion of creating my trip to Hava ve Adam neither I nor the people I was talking to remembered that Rosh Hashanah started the day that I was planning to arrive on the farm I was to work with. Suddenly I found myself with a week to spare, no place to stay and nothing to do while  week while everyone left the farm for the holiday. For a few hours I searched nearby hostels who might need help over the holiday before realizing that the hostel I was a possibility. Just a little while longer, sitting on the edge of my seat, I had a free place to stay, some work at the hostel I had stayed at. I fulfilled the stereotype this hostel was known for, I overstayed at the Overstay hostel.

For the next week I worked 5 hours cleaning rooms and doing laundry. I swam at night, wandered the streets of Tel-Aviv Yafo and relaxed in the evenings on the roof of this hostel. Never have I spent so much time with such a wonderful group of travelers from around the world.

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