by Shani Mink
Wilderness in NJ

If you are a fan of traveling, personal narrative and occasional bouts of non-fictional and fictional creativity then here is a blog for you. Please join me as I journey into unknown territories.

My name is Grace (though some call me Carly). I am a passionate traveler who loves to spend months at a time in different countries, exploring the world with an eye towards living in a minimalist style and experiencing places less like a tourist. I am also a writer/blogger with an eye towards our environment and how we, as humans, can interact in a positive way. I have no interest in a 9-5 job, nor in the idea that I must settle down (though I could, for some periods of time, if I like). Have a specific question about my journey towards a nomadic livelihood? Please ask! I am learning this as I go!

I have had an interest in writing since I was little. Reading books is an obsession of mine; an obsession that manifested into writing over the years.  In addition to writing, I love to travel and in my teens, the travel bug bit me hard. I sought out adventure since. So what to do with my two passions? Writing about my travels became the logical choice. It is also the most satisfying way of sharing my travels to my friends and family, and hopefully soon to a wider community.

Traveling is not the only thing I nerd out on. I am passionate about plants, fictional tales, outdoorsy adventures, and survival as well as a passion to help others in their process of writing, starting a blog/website, or multiple other challenges (whether for pleasure, work or school). Check out my for hire page; I am super excited to helping others achieve their endeavors!