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Unknown Territory…

…”home is where my backpack is.” Here is a place to explore. From new countries, trails, cultures, and cuisines to sharing unexpected experiences, different lifestyles and wild bouts of fictions you can find a little bit of a lot here.

Dreamer and wanderer in constant search for something new. Meandering the unexplored is as exciting as it is terrifying, as uplifting as it is depressing. This world is an amazing place that has as many extremes as it has mundanes. It is sometimes hard to carry on forward, but forward motion is my the prerequisite for living. Come along for the adventure in investigating the uncharted in our life (which, to be honest, is most of it).

Editor/Proofreader/Virtual Assistant

Find yourself wandering Unknown Territories when it comes to your professional writing or organizing your schedule? Have no fear! I am here to help you edit a rough draft of writing, polish a final version or organize your inbox and calendar. Click HERE for more info on my services.