First Aid Kit: Non-Traditional Additions to the Basics

One of my favorite parts of traveling is that first day in a new city/country. There is a mystery about a new place that gives me a thrill like no other. Then again, there is nothing like arriving in a new city and instantly becoming super sick! Unfortunately a recent trip to Vienna is the inspiration for the post.
While being sick is no fun there are precautions/comforts you can take with you as you travel in an attempt to give you some comfort while you let your body heal.
Note: While there are “standard” first-aid kits (with band-aids, antibiotic ointment, etc.) that you should always travel with, the products I am writing about are those extra items that are for your own personal care. So think hard, what are your health challenges? What items can you bring to mediate these? Here are a few of my favorite!

Hot Water Bottle
This is, hands down, my favorite traveling companion. It is great for everything from being cold/having cold toes to period cramps and stomach aches. Hot water bottles come “baby-sized” which is perfect for a traveler who wishes to travel light.

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