Living in a Country (that is not your own)

What is it like to live in a city?

I have never really lived in a city before. Every morning I wake up (yes, even after 8 months living there) and realize, oh wow! I live in Berlin. As a child, this is nothing I could have ever imagined. As a young adult, I dreamed of purchasing some land, preferably on the side of a mountain with a great view, build myself an off-grid cabin and garden and become a recluse writer/gardener with minimal contact with the outside world. As an “adult” Continue reading “Living in a Country (that is not your own)”

The Best Pup

My sweet summer puppy. How I have loved you since I was 8 years old, how I still love you at 24. You were an old man, even at 1 years old. You preferred a calm night curled in front of a fire or on my lap rather than running to fetch a stick. Your curiosity had you ranging on your leash from in front of me, out to the side, to trying to drag me backward. Or maybe this was just because you didn’t want to go inside yet. You loved the outside, no matter the weather. In the summertime, you dig holes and curl yourself in a bed of dirt and in the winter you make a nest of snow and rest just as comfortably. To others, you appeared calm, mellow and slightly dopey. To us who know you best, we know your mischevious side. We know the husky in you that peers over your shoulder at us when we call you in, then calmly walk into the woods, not to be found for several hours. We know your silliness and your sweetness. Remember that time, one winter, I went to search for you. I found you in the field with snowballs in your feet, too uncomfortable to walk home. Why didn’t you come home earlier before it got this bad? No matter, I broke the clumps free and we walked home in the blue light of evening.
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Recap: Moving to Berlin

Last week is when everything changed. During the last week (or two) I left the US, traveled in Israel and finally landed on the 5th (or 4th, depending on what country you are from) floor of an apartment building around the corner from the Warschauer S/U Bahn station. Last week I moved to Berlin.

You may ask why. I would probably look at you and rattle off several reasons but many of them do not encompass the entire truth. So what is the Entire Truth? Honestly, I don’t know. Many of those reasons that I would tell you are true but they are only elements of why I moved to Berlin, not the complete reason. The closest to the truth I can give you is that I like to try new things, I like an adventure! More than anything else I was given an opportunity and I took it. Let’s leave it at that for the moment.

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The Computer Eats my Soul

All things considering, working in a location independent manner does not seem like a path that I would ever try and go down. For one thing, I am not a huge fan of technology, though I am fairly efficient in using it. I believe that it vacuums you in and takes up much of your time; I am guilty of being caught up too, don’t worry. It also takes away a certain amount of privacy, and oftentimes without asking you. The amount Facebook knows or has deduced to my location, conversations, etc. is somewhat frightening (especially as I learn more about it).

Other times, to be able to utilize certain aspects of the internet you have to provide more information than you might like. I am definitely dragging my feet on this one. In my ideal world, I could scribble down my amazing words, put it on a paper boat and send it out to the world. Fat chance for that. I am afforded no such anonymity for the work I provide others, nor for the writing I share. If I want to market it in an efficient manner, I must also, in a way, tag my name, my FB account or various other accounts in order to have it seen. Though I am by no means famous, every little bit I must give up to the monster that is the internet eats at my soul.

How do you feel this impacts your daily life? What positives or negatives do you feel? Thoughts and questions are much appreciated!

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A New Start?

Working on my professionalism. Who knew this could be so hard. Welcome to the new spot!

Here I hope you find this site a portal to journals, writing, and photos from my current and previous travels as well as other projects that I have worked on. I anticipate incorporating some new things, i.e. suggestions on travel gear, destinations and other travel related topics soon. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email!  I’d love to hear what you want to read as well!

I am not only blogging! Please check out my for hire page for services I provide.

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Amsterdam to Berlin

The day had been a long one. Almost 10 hours hitching from Amsterdam to Brück

“The end of the journey is not quite in sight. We are sitting in a bar that has Native American/old time-y American theme. Flags, posters are reminiscent of the American west and American flags, bows and arrows, and cowboy paraphernalia. Interspersed with all of this are lacy window hangings and Waldorf-like dioramas on the windowsills. Nothing like stepping into a bar and seeing little statues of lambs and other animals nestled in evergreen branches. Another giveaway that this bar is not some place in the US, at least in this time period, is the indoor smoking and bright lights. The live music band is doing a decent job, though, reminiscent of a coffee house and small music gatherings I have been to in the states, covering classic rock to bluegrassy tunes. Despite all the fascinating décor, the pub not all that comfortable. Maybe it is the diner-like plastic wood grain tables, maybe the bright lights and white walls. Perhaps it is because I am a stranger here in the middle of the night, sat down among people I do not know (and who are definitely several drinks into their evening). I know that smoking is bad for you, bad also for those who are taking in the second-hand smoke. However, the fact that everyone smokes inside here is oddly relaxing considering the situation.

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a side trip to germany

No longer are there cameras in every shop and on every store front. No longer are there soldiers, weapons strapped across there chest, standing at every other street corner. On crowded sidewalks there isn’t a fear of being run over by three children piled on electric bikes weaving drunken lines on the crowded walkways. On any given day it is no longer common to hear conversations in at least three different languages not my own. In line at the store, or waiting for a ticket I can now doze without the fear that someone will cut me in line. The sidewalks here, (Northern New England), have cracks like lightning bolts cut through the hilly concrete. There are no more long bus rides. The cold this winter is slow to arrive, nonetheless the feeling of the season makes reflecting all the easier.


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how to travel alone

Look  for your courage,
take a tablespoon of this but not so heaping,
you don’t want it to cloud your common sense.
Take twice as much self-esteem
than you think you need.
Your self-esteem might be torn to tatters,
best to have a few extra just in case.
But in your hiking pack,
be sure to leave the biggest pocket empty
for your mind
that is open for each an every new experience;
you’ll need all the energy from this as you can get,
because nowhere else is like your own home,
and this is the beauty of travel!

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