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Category: Journal

there is something about shoes

A quick story about shoes and mud (that are unrelated)

The other morning a group of us woke up to take a hike. It was a nice morning, a little overcast with a breeze. There were clouds, small patches that drifted somewhat lethargically across a beautiful blue sky. It is almost intuitive to figure out direction here and the shape of the Arava Valley makes it even easier. The valley runs north to south and Jordan is to the west, Egypt to the east.

A note on myself: I won’t wear shoes unless I really have too.

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birds and new beginnings

I left off shortly after my arrival in a country in which I knew nothing of the language or even the alphabet; if I got lost here it would be very hard to get back! Not true, as I soon found out in the streets of Ra’anana and from my cousins that most of the people in this area can speak English and even odder in some sense, French. When I first set out on this journey I was under no impression that I would get to practice the only language other then English that I am semi-proficient in. Ra’anana in particular is home to many people from all over, so there was quite a plethora of languages.

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from winter to spring in less than 24 hours

As a new person the blogging world anyone who, by chance, reads these posts will have to bear with me as I work to understand this new form of communication. When I started planning for this trip initially I had promised myself that I would not use a blog, but upon my arrival first in Tel Aviv and then to Ra’nanana I have realized that this may be the best way to let everyone know what is going on without having to individually retell my story (perhaps this is a little selfish? If there is anything you want to know please let me know! whether on this public forum or in private, also any questions that make good prompts would be much appreciated).

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