from winter to spring in less than 24 hours

As a new person the blogging world anyone who, by chance, reads these posts will have to bear with me as I work to understand this new form of communication. When I started planning for this trip initially I had promised myself that I would not use a blog, but upon my arrival first in Tel Aviv and then to Ra’nanana I have realized that this may be the best way to let everyone know what is going on without having to individually retell my story (perhaps this is a little selfish? If there is anything you want to know please let me know! whether on this public forum or in private, also any questions that make good prompts would be much appreciated).

So, without further comments (for the moment)  I shall start from the beginning! I arrived at Boston with my mother still under the impression that all the planning for this trip was still some sort of surreal dream. I had packed my bags for spring and summer weather but as I hauled my large bag over the new 6″ of powder to the car I had a hard time imagining a warmer climate. At this moment I will ask you to bear with me and my obsession with winter, but in the world that I have grown up in, four seasons, and especially the winter, have been of great importance.

My first flight was quite short, BOS to JFK, a trip that I am used to make by car. My seat buddy (the person sitting next to me…) was an older man who would not stop talking to me the entire trip. While I don’t mind a good conversation I was trying to meditate on the fact that I was going to be away from home for such a long period. Instead I talked with Charles about his youngest daughter’s upcoming auditions for college as an oboe player. An admirable plan, we definitely need more oboe players. Once we arrived in JFK I was feeling a little gipped of  a rest and worried about finding my connecting flight in JFK. However, it turned out I had little to worry about, my friend from the flight had taken a liking to me (I think he may have seen something of his daughters in me) and made sure  I found the transportation between the terminals.

The next flight from JFK to TLV was not only in another terminal but at the other end of said other terminal. After a quick jog around the airport I went through the fastest security that I have ever been through; this was the quickest taking off boots, belt, coat and taking out my computer and then grabbing them again before they were swamped by other peoples things I have ever experienced.

During this time I spent a few moments eavesdropping on some of my fellow travelers. Though it should not come as a surprise, most of the English speaking people were headed to Israel for religious reasons; the excitement in their voices was palpable. I wish I was alert enough to remember some of their conversation, but unfortunately all I remember was that I was amused and in awe of their excitement.

After quite a bit more walking I reached the huge plane, stored my violin, winced as another person moved it (though he was very careful, asking me how to properly move the “guitar”) and sat in my seat. And, quite luckily for me, there was an empty seat between me and the business man from Atlanta, and so plenty of space to spread out and relax.

Upon arrival into Tel Aviv and walking out the airport  I could not believe it was February! It felt like a cool spring day after New England decides not to rain for a week. Short sleeve weather here everyone! Though I miss the snow with a passion, I could come to enjoy the winter here in Israel.

more to come: landing in Tel Aviv @ 2pm and thinking it is 5am….plus lovely city, parakeets, and a walk in the park.

much love
c grace

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