how to travel alone

Look  for your courage,
take a tablespoon of this but not so heaping,
you don’t want it to cloud your common sense.
Take twice as much self-esteem
than you think you need.
Your self-esteem might be torn to tatters,
best to have a few extra just in case.
But in your hiking pack,
be sure to leave the biggest pocket empty
for your mind
that is open for each an every new experience;
you’ll need all the energy from this as you can get,
because nowhere else is like your own home,
and this is the beauty of travel!

It has been an experiment of trial and error about what to bring with me when I travel. Whether or not I am moving around in my own country or farther abroad I am often struck with thoughts like “I wish I had brought…”. Overall I never regret what I didn’t bring, for the most part I can find whatever I need in some form or another; oftentimes I realize, though I wish I had something, I really don’t need it. Indeed, without whatever it is, I have an opportunity to simplify my life without it. The one thing hat I find myself missing today is something that I never thought I would find myself missing and that is some good elderberry tea. With a fever, chills and a sore throat I wish I had a big ol’ cup of elderberry tea loaded with honey.

While out of a country you will find so many awesome places to stay, people to visit and travel with, and beautiful sights. When you are at home a small cold/flu will be a bummer but you can curl up on your couch, drink some tea and veg out while you heal. While you are abroad it is much harder to find that lovely corner to hide in. Especially when you travel alone you don’t have a partner to deal with the little day to day stuff you need do while you are abroad. So, one thing I suggest to any traveler, leaving home for many months, take something that helps you through small colds/flus, whether this is a tea, a teddy bear or a favorite blanket. It is good to have on hand if you get sick.

What helps you when you are sick?

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