Journal: and then the rains came

Today the rains came. Or, I suppose it would be more correct to day, in the very early hours of the morning, the rains came. I now live in a yurt with two other people. We were very thankful for the tarp we took the time to fling over our skylight window. There is nothing like people under 5’5″ trying to get a piece of plastic over a steep roof 15’+ up. Others, we heard, were not so lucky and woke up to a 3am rainfall in the middle of their home. The yurt, like any other tent, makes the rain sound so much louder and more intense than it really is.  Even so, when I woke up at 3, 4 and 5am I didn’t feel any inclination to get out of my nice warm bed to check. This was the first night I felt cold at night. On the upside, there were no biting insects.

Hear in Israel it means that winter is on it’s way when the rains come. After a hot and dusty summer the water scrubbed the farm clean and gave a perk to many plants. Though there was a definite up tick in energy on the farm, both plants and people, the day was overcast and gloomy. If I were in northeast New England I would have thought I was in the middle spring; something nice on it’s way, but not quite there yet. This day I had the most bizarre combination of an overcast mood with an underlying sprout of new growth.

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