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Recap: Moving to Berlin

Last week is when everything changed. During the last week (or two) I left the US, traveled in Israel and finally landed on the 5th (or 4th, depending on what country you are from) floor of an apartment building around the corner from the Warschauer S/U Bahn station. Last week I moved to Berlin.

You may ask why. I would probably look at you and rattle off several reasons but many of them do not encompass the entire truth. So what is the Entire Truth? Honestly, I don’t know. Many of those reasons that I would tell you are true but they are only elements of why I moved to Berlin, not the complete reason. The closest to the truth I can give you is that I like to try new things, I like an adventure! More than anything else I was given an opportunity and I took it. Let’s leave it at that for the moment.

The Recap. Last week I got lost taking the U Bahn (subway), I got lost walking around the streets, and I even got lost on my own road! I moved into a flat and I purchased my first plants, (Sally and Alphonso, a mint and basil plant respectively). I have done more shopping this week than I have ever done before and I have thought multiple times “what the f*ck am I doing here”. To be quite frank, I felt a tad lost.

On the plus side, I had some really awesome experiences. I found a really great co-working space where you can pay €15 and have good internet all day, a beautiful workspace and a kitchen to make food in. I also frequented two cafes called Hermann’s and Vanilla Grey and benefited from many cups of delicious coffee. There is also a good bakery and a laundromat around the corner from where I live and a tram that takes me right to my door! I have never lived in a city before and I am not used to having the access that I have here to various foods and services. I do miss the hands-on lifestyle that I am used to but am gradually finding outlets for this passion of mine in the organization of my new flat; I built a shoe rack!

I still work digitally and while I have a “home” now I still consider myself somewhat of a nomad. I hope to continue to work online and maintain that freedom working from a computer gives. If you find yourself in need of some long-term help or even just for a short time project feel free to check out here for all of my services!

This week is a work in progress. I have yet to find a job, a language course, some lovely folks to meet for a beer but this will come in time. Until next time! Tschüss!

P.S. I am always happy to receive questions/comments/observations! If you do not wish to message me publically send me a message at

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