The Best Pup

My sweet summer puppy. How I have loved you since I was 8 years old, how I still love you at 24. You were an old man, even at 1 years old. You preferred a calm night curled in front of a fire or on my lap rather than running to fetch a stick. Your curiosity had you ranging on your leash from in front of me, out to the side, to trying to drag me backward. Or maybe this was just because you didn’t want to go inside yet. You loved the outside, no matter the weather. In the summertime, you dig holes and curl yourself in a bed of dirt and in the winter you make a nest of snow and rest just as comfortably. To others, you appeared calm, mellow and slightly dopey. To us who know you best, we know your mischevious side. We know the husky in you that peers over your shoulder at us when we call you in, then calmly walk into the woods, not to be found for several hours. We know your silliness and your sweetness. Remember that time, one winter, I went to search for you. I found you in the field with snowballs in your feet, too uncomfortable to walk home. Why didn’t you come home earlier before it got this bad? No matter, I broke the clumps free and we walked home in the blue light of evening.
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10 Experiences in Munich

(you must have while you are there)

I found myself in Munich almost by accident; an opportunity arose and I took it!  Thankfully I had a wonderful guide who showed me the sights and introduced me to some unique experiences. Here are my top 10 favorites from the times I spent there. Now, off to your adventures!

1. Have a Pretzel

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werner hoffmann

11 Places to Visit in Marrakech

Whether you plan to visit Marrakech for a week or more, or if you are staying for just a couple of days, here are some tips to get you on your way. Upon your arrival, you will constantly have offers from taxi drivers and young boys wanting to be your guides. These folks can be helpful but if you are more interested in making your own way (and saving a bit of money otherwise used to tip these guys) I would highly suggest getting a map (about 10MAD or 1USD) and a sim card for your phone, (Maroc Telecom gives a sim and 1 gig data for 3USD, also cheap and easy to top up). It is also suggested that if you do want a guide, go through official services rather than accepting offers on the street. I would also recommend wandering and seeing what you find rather than rushing to each tourist destination as you will get a better feeling and energy of this amazing city. That being said, here are a few of the places that may be worth checking out during a visit to Marrakech! **

1. El Badi Palace

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