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The Best Place to Work

The most soothing times to write is when you are completely alone or in a very busy place. Honestly, some of my favorite times to write are when I am in social situations, around lots of people who are having fun.

There is one time that I can think of in particular. I was at a music festival on the banks of the Kinneret during school break (or maybe it was a weekend, it was a while ago in any case). During this time I had class assignments, unlike my fellow concert-goers who were just there to have a fun time drinking and smoking.

Now, for this assignment I two co-conspirators. We had collaborated successfully (not an easy task in a college level class, believe you me) in creating a plan and presentation. We had the content, just not organized into our presentation platform of choice; in this case, Prezi. Since my afternoons and evenings were filled with socializing, good music, food, and drink, I had very little time to accomplish the task I had promised my collaborators I would do. I soon realized, however, that even with the late nights of music and dancing I still woke up early, unlike the majority of my festival goers.

It was is in the early morning that I found inspiration and motivation. Though I camped nearby, the festival had taken over a hotel as well. In the lobby of the hotel, I had access to cozy chairs and a fairly stable internet connection. It was here I accomplished my feat: “A Choose Your Own Adventure” Prezi presentation.

While I worked on this each morning of the 3-day festival there is one morning I remember in particular. I was sitting in the lobby of this fancy hotel and suddenly I hear some live music. I look up from my project to see some musicians (in tie-dye and grungy festival wear) in their mid-sixties playing a wonderful cover of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung.

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